2023 Farm Bill Should Prioritize Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Crop Insurance and SNAP
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WILCOX, NEB –February 18, 2023 – “Congress should prioritize biofuels, renewable energy policies (ethanol, biodiesel, wind, solar, hybrid storage systems), crop insurance, sustainable farming practices and SNAP in the 2023 Farm Bill,” says Gale Lush, Chairman of the ACGF, a corn, soybean, and wheat farmer. “All corn demand is important (domestic feed, seed, industrial use, and exports) but corn use for ethanol is the prime new demand corn price driver. There are not enough rural votes in Congress to pass a Farm Bill. Urban votes are essential. That means supplemental nutrition assistance (SNAP)”

Dan McGuire, ACGF Policy Director says, “since the 1980’s the “low-price-free-trade/export-our-way-to-prosperity” policy did not perform as promised. In 2022/23 wheat exports are only 44% of 1981/82 levels. USDA projects 2022/23 corn exports at only 1.925 billion bushels (roughly the 42-year average since 1981-82). Exports are always important. But exports haven’t delivered as some grain trade and academic analysts projected when they lobbied the ‘export-oriented’ farm policy in the 1980-90’s era. Ethanol and renewable energy are delivering big time for rural America,” said McGuire.

U.S. Corn Use for Ethanol vs. Corn Exports  1981-2023 (In Billion Bushels) Source: USDA-WASDE 2022-23 Proj. ACGF Graph

1981-82 to 2022-23 US Wheat Exports 42-Year Record 2022-23 Projected = 44% of 1981-82 (Source: WASDE Feb 2023 in Billion Bushels)


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